Slimming, dieting, fat reduction, liposuction, gastric balloon, gastric band to reduce weight, tummy-tuck are treatments what many people search for.
But not everyone need these as obesity is due to various reasons and are of various degree. Therefore fat reduction techniques must vary too.
There are Medical reasons such as hormonal and variety of other medical conditions leading to obesity that we will not discuss here.
For such medical conditions patients must go to a hospital and get appropriate specialized Medical treatments as obesity is only a part of the problem but the
entire complex condition must be treated and followed up at specialized departments.
Fat reduction procedures may employ mix and match of techniques as lost weight can be gained back. Each time one gains weight liposuction and tummy tuck cannot be
done as they are very invasive procedures that with need general anaesthesia.
Answer to that is provided in Aesthetic Medicine in “body sculpturing” techniques.
Cryo-lipo, cool-sculpturing, cool sculpting, fat freezing, lipo-therapy, cavitation, RF-fat reduction, HIFU-fat reduction, vacuum roller, shockwave body sculpturing, laser-lipo, fat jabs are treatments, terminologies that you may have heard. All these are repeatable , non invasive or minimally invasive fat reduction-body
sculpturing (body shaping) procedures.

It is important to highlight that aesthetic techniques are not for morbid obesity, but are used as maintaining body sculpture techniques.
For example: There are instances where for morbid obesity treated with gastric banding, lifestyle modification, fat reduction surgeries are done initially, then maintenance
and cellulite stretch marks treated with aesthetic techniques.
Unfortunately at most salons these procedures are provided by some medically untrained personals.
Their argument is that the machine does it all and a Doctor is not needed. Similarly in taking “Medicine” for “medical conditions” , Medicine does it all not the doctor,
but you do not go to a salon to get treated for medical problems.
It is a very good practice to get these treatments done via a qualified medical Doctor to prevent any adverse effects. Doctors got the education and training to pick and choose
mix and match what is best for you. There are Many Doctors run clinics where you can get treatments with confidence.
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