Non Surgical Face-Lift with Facial Rejuvenation procedure

With aging face loose its contours, volume ,tone ,tightness and freshness of skin. Most facelift procedures focus on facial contours and to restore some volume. But simultaneous skin rejuvenation is of paramount importance.

At MPM Clinics we have designed a complete package for Non Surgical Face-Lift with Facial Rejuvenation included in the procedure. We use a multifaceted approach customized to each patient.

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Facial Volume Loss

How does volume loss contribute to ageing?

One of the key effects of ageing is that our faces lose volume. When we are young, our faces resemble a grape, full and voluminous, without any wrinkles. As we get older the volume in our face decreases and our faces resemble a sultana, the volume is lost and wrinkles and folds start to form. (more…)

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