I had a few face treatments about 4/5 weeks ago and I am delighted with the results , I didn’t tell my friends I was having treatments, they all said how my skin was looking fresh and healthy, the Doctors are super friendly, there’s no pressure to have more treatments, this is the best money in spent on myself in a long, long time.

Linda Bicknell   

Great Treatment -Lip Filler

Great experience - Great outcome - Strongly recommend!


Had Botox, fillers, Vampire facelift and thread lift with great results.
As I am a nursing sister got “mate-rates”! Strongly recommend !
My request to public “Please get your treatments from a qualified specialist like this
to avoid unnecessary risks, complications and disappointment".

Sis. P A   

Had variety of treatments over the years with great results. Never requested a review but thank you for requesting at least now. This clinic got well qualified doctors doing wonders, but very Silent and no advertising! Only way to find them is by word or mouth. Strongly recommend! They have free consultations!


A wonderful experience from start to end. The Doctors are lovely - very welcoming and the treatment was comfortable, great value and extremely effective. Can't recommend enough! Thank you!!


Had MPM Facelift that was on offer for £1250 discounted from £3450. That was the best gift I made for my self. Had no actual downtime. Probably got 20yrs back.
Can't recommend enough!


I know Dr.Madhura well as a senior colleague with international experience & expertise, taletaed surgeon and a great clinician who think “out of the box”!
I was confident in his hands! He justified his expertise and talent with results!
Thank you so much – I recommend strongly !

Dr. K M   


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