MPM Aesthetic Medicals is a division of MPM Medicals UK Ltd, incorporated investing the wealth of extensive clinical experience, expertise, skills and specialized training of founders; with aspirations to improve AESTHETIC MEDICINE as a Science, Specialty and a Service.

We are in the process of opening centers in Sri Lanka to provide Aesthetic Medicine with health clinics and “natural living” concept.

Founders of MPM Aesthetic Medicals

Dr. Madhura .P. Manawickrama

Dr. Madhura .P. Manawickrama

Founder/ Medical Director of MPM Aesthetic Medicals.
Since Graduated in 1994 got extensive training, “hands – on skills” and experience in surgery,
from treating Minor routine procedures to extensive war casualties.
Trained in Aesthetic Medicine including non-invasive procedures to provide high quality, state of the art, treatments of a wide variety.

Completed postgraduate training in non-invasive Aesthetic techniques at University of London UK.

Member of European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

Member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Provide wide variety of aesthetic medical treatments.

Mainly concentrate on ” Facelift procedures”, thread lift, PRP,micro-needling, injectables such as toxins, fillers, sculptra.

Provide variety of hi-tech treatments with: laser , hair treatments, radio surgery, ultrasonic, cryo and many more treatment options customized to each client/patient….

About Us

Dr. (Mrs) Pushpa .D. Manawickrama

Founder/Director Administration of MPM Aesthetic Medicals.
Graduated in 1994. Physician with great experience.
Re-trained in Aesthetic Medicine specifically to provide a vast range of treatments using Ultrasonic -3D technologies,electro-microdermabrasion, RF(Radio-fraquancy), Electro-mesotherapy, Medical skin peels, cryotherapy,fat reduction with electro-PPC treatments, nutritional advice, advice on skin care products for your specific needs….

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