Slimming, dieting, fat reduction, liposuction, gastric balloon, gastric band to reduce weight, tummy-tuck are treatments what many people search for.
But not everyone need these as obesity is due to various reasons and are of various degree. Therefore fat reduction techniques must vary too.
There are Medical reasons such as hormonal and variety of other medical conditions leading to obesity that we will not discuss here.
For such medical conditions patients must go to a hospital and get appropriate specialized Medical treatments as obesity is only a part of the problem but the
entire complex condition must be treated and followed up at specialized departments.
Fat reduction procedures may employ mix and match of techniques as lost weight can be gained back. Each time one gains weight liposuction and tummy tuck cannot be
done as they are very invasive procedures that with need general anaesthesia.
Answer to that is provided in Aesthetic Medicine in “body sculpturing” techniques.
Cryo-lipo, cool-sculpturing, cool sculpting, fat freezing, lipo-therapy, cavitation, RF-fat reduction, HIFU-fat reduction, vacuum roller, shockwave body sculpturing, laser-lipo, fat jabs are treatments, terminologies that you may have heard. All these are repeatable , non invasive or minimally invasive fat reduction-body
sculpturing (body shaping) procedures.

It is important to highlight that aesthetic techniques are not for morbid obesity, but are used as maintaining body sculpture techniques.
For example: There are instances where for morbid obesity treated with gastric banding, lifestyle modification, fat reduction surgeries are done initially, then maintenance
and cellulite stretch marks treated with aesthetic techniques.
Unfortunately at most salons these procedures are provided by some medically untrained personals.
Their argument is that the machine does it all and a Doctor is not needed. Similarly in taking “Medicine” for “medical conditions” , Medicine does it all not the doctor,
but you do not go to a salon to get treated for medical problems.
It is a very good practice to get these treatments done via a qualified medical Doctor to prevent any adverse effects. Doctors got the education and training to pick and choose
mix and match what is best for you. There are Many Doctors run clinics where you can get treatments with confidence.
We have seen following offers of body sculpturing with FREE CONSULTATION that is a huge bonus.

There price list give regular prices but on and off got offers. You can phone them 01213555999
I found an offer here

Botox Sutton Coldfield

My journey looking for Best Botox

I recently moved to Sutton Coldfield and wanted to have some botox to get my forehead sorted. Was looking for botox Sutton Coldfield.
So many places came up. Then seached for “best botox in sutton coldfield” where I found more than previous seach. Every solon is in the best list.
I feel for botox Sutton Coldfield UK is a famouse place with many salons and clinics. I am not comfortable with a Salons as wanted to it to be a Doctor treating me with
botox injections in Sutton Coldfield or Birmingham.
Ultimately I found this clinic where I had treatments with a agreat offer. I phoned them and they directed me to the offer.

botox Sutton Coldfield

This was much different to my previous treatments as I was treated not only my Frawn lines and Crows feet. But bunny lines, Gummy smile too.
Doctor found my jaw was very tight and bulky with teeth grinding. I was offered botox for to my masseter that resolved my tight jaw teeth grinding and made my square type
face to a slight ovel or triangular shape I would say. that is very clever.
I understood that the clinic treat Hyperhydrosis ” excess sweating ” and Migraines too with Botox. I wanted my mothers turkey neck treated too with Botox.

There price list give regular prices but on and off got offers. You can phone them 01213555999
I found an offer here
I give you a nother tip, Doctors of this clinic train Doctors and Nurses for various procedures. If you want to become a model probably you will get these treatments for a very good offer.
Hope this article help you in your botox journey.

PRP with Micro-needling Combined treatment

PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma. It is said that “Plasma is the medicine in you”…
Plasma has a lot of healing factors growth factors that make PRP very powerful in regeneration and rejuvernation.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the concentrated, more potensed and prepared version of plasma for treatments.
Platelet Rich Plasma is used in many treatment options in various Medical and surgical specialities. Treating sports injuries, wounds treatements,
Dentistry, Orthopaedics, Plastic surgery, Hair transplantation and prevension of hair loss are some of them .
In aesthetic Medicine Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is used as combined treatments with laser and HIFU procedures to stimulate rejuvernation.
The most famouse is PRP face treatment it is also called Vampire Face-lift, Dracula face-lift, Blood facial, Blood stem cell treatment…

In this procedure blood is taken to a special 12ml tube (same like in a simple for blood test at Doctors) and prepared by centrifuging as per protocol.
PRP and red blood cells are clearly separated.

Plasma is then activated as per requirement to make PRP, PRF and injected to specific layers of skin where treatments are required with help of a micro-needling
device. Depths of injections can be so specific from 0.25 mm to 3.0 mm

In the past we used to inject with small gauge needles which make this procedure a somewhat painful one.

Micro-needling has not only made the procedure painless , but also stimulate collagen and elsastin synthesis.

Micro-needling is a treatment with it’s own strength. Therefore Activated Platelet Rich Plasma with Micro-needling is one of the natural , proven potential regenerative
treatments without significant adverse effects.
Now these two powerful procedures are combined as one treatment and is on a Great Offer as below to treat face and neck cheaper than a PRP hair treatment cost
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Non Surgical Face-Lift with Facial Rejuvenation procedure

With aging face loose its contours, volume ,tone ,tightness and freshness of skin. Most facelift procedures focus on facial contours and to restore some volume. But simultaneous skin rejuvenation is of paramount importance.

At MPM Clinics we have designed a complete package for Non Surgical Face-Lift with Facial Rejuvenation included in the procedure. We use a multifaceted approach customized to each patient.

Please book for a FREE CONSULTATION  to discuss further …

Our Limited time Special Offer as follows:

Non Surgical Face-Lift

Facial Volume Loss

Facial Volume Loss

How does volume loss contribute to ageing?

One of the key effects of ageing is that our faces lose volume. When we are young, our faces resemble a grape, full and voluminous, without any wrinkles. As we get older the volume in our face decreases and our faces resemble a sultana, the volume is lost and wrinkles and folds start to form. (more…)

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