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Free Consultation with a Doctor will help you to decide

which treatment/combination of treatments best suit you!

For Selected Treatments 10% to 50% Discounts Apply!

Anti Ageing Facial Treatments –using Toxins

Line and wrinkle treatments more commonly known as Botox® or Azzalure® treatment


Anti Ageing Facial Treatments –using Toxins     

SPECIAL OFFER £250 FOR 3 AREAS – Phone or test  07980548548

Line and wrinkle treatments more commonly known as Botox® or Azzalure® treatment   

Crows Feet £185
Glabella Lines £185
Forehead £230
Crows Feet + Glabella £300
Crows Feet + Forehead £350
Glabella + Forehead £350
Crows Feet + Forehead + Glabella £450
“Bunny Nose” Lines £185
Smokers lip lines reduction (upper and lower) £185
“Gummy” Smile (visible gums when smiling) £250
Axillary Hyperhydrosis £485

Dermal Fillers 

Treatment using Dermal Fillers (Choice of various types)   

SPECIAL OFFER £275  FOR 1 sringe  – Phone or test 07980548548
Treatment includes; Tear troughs (tired, baggy eyes), Marionette Lines (mouth to chin),

Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth), Cheek Augmentation and Lip Augmentation, From £300

1 Syringe from £300
2 Syringe from £550
3 Syringe from £750

Advanced Cellular & Combined Regenerative Procedures 

PRP -ACR (Vampire/Dracula/Stem cells Facelift)    

SPECIAL OFFER £200 FOR Face & Neck  PRP  with Micro needling  –

Phone or test 07980548548

From Plasma Only from £749
PRP + 1 Syringe Dermal Filler from £999
Each Additional Dermal Filler Syringe from £99

Thread Lift (Ultra V Lift) -with PDO Threads.

Prices vary as per number of threads used (body/face)- BOOK FOR FREE CONSULTATION  From £449

Face area treated –  Below the eyes £899
One Face area treated –  Cheeks or Forehead or Lower face £1499
Full Face and Neck £2499

3D Skintech- Dermology -A revolution in non-surgical Facial –Aesthetics 

Chemical Peels       NOT AVAILABLE  NOW

Prices vary from type of product range used

Types Of Peels single 6
3D- Skintech –lightening peel 30% £85 £450
3D- Skintech –lightening peel 70% £95 £500
3D- Skintech –Jessner   peel  14% £95 £500
3D- Skintech –TCA  peel 10% £85 £450
3D- Skintech –TCA  peel 20% £95 £450
3D- Skintech –BHA peel 10% £85 £450
3D- Skintech –BHA peel 20% £95 £500

During consultation we will help you to decide which peel best suites you


 Body contouring Hi-Tech Procedures      

3D LIPO and – Non Surgical Alternative to Liposuction

3D LIPO – Non Surgical Alternative to Liposuction £350

SPECIAL OFFER £90 per area/session  – Phone or test 07980548548

Cryo-lipolysis  – Fat freezing procedure £350

SPECIAL OFFER £90 per area/session – Phone or test 07980548548

RF + infrared/ultra blue £125

SPECIAL OFFER from £50 per area/session – Phone or test 07980548548

3D Skintech – A revolution in non-surgical Facial –Aesthetics

Single session(1hour) of customized Facial Treatment programme


(Microdermabrasion, Electro Meso therapy, RF therapy, LED

Full Face – Microdermabrasion + RF £125
Full Face – Microelectronics + Electrocardiography (serums included) £125
Full Face – Microdermabrasion + LED + Mask (Antiacne/Antiaging/Antipigmentaion/Hydrating) £125

Advanced Laser IPL/ND-YAG

Treatments provided for Hair Removal, Scar Removal, ACNE, Thread Vein,

Pigmentation & more From £50

During Doctors consultation we will decide suitability of

Laser/ Type of Laser for your specific conditions

Advanced RF and combined Treatment options

RF Facial Rejuvernation (Non Surgical Facelift) £250
RF Body-Tight – Book for FREE consultation to discuss treatment options & quote £250


Please contact us to find out more about this Pain free, Aesthetic cutting edge technology used.

Skin tag removal (Cryo-surgery) from £250
Wart removal (Cryo-surgery) from £250
Fibroma removal (Cryo-surgery) from £250

Plasma Laser 

Skin tag removal (laser-surgery) from £350


Special offer £80

Skin rejuvenation / per area £350


Special offer £80


High Intense Focused Ultrasound  3D HIFU  

Face And Neck  (3 levels)  £350


Special offer £199 

 Face One area £200


Special offer from


Body / limbs One area £200


Special offer from


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